My first comic strip “The Wombats” appeared in inside Football magazine in 1983. It was about a down and out Aussie Rules footy team of perennial losers, (little did I know at the time that my own team, the once-mighty Tigers would morph into them for the next thirty years or so.) My next comic strip was called “The Zoo” and appeared regularly in Australasian Post from 1984 to 1989.

In the 1990s Gary Larson’s The Far Side swept the cartooning world  like The Beatles and no single-panel scribbler worth his salt seemed to be immune to its’ influence. Even that other great 90s icon Jerry Seinfeld referenced  Larson; “I don’t know, you doodle a couple of bears talking about the stock market at a cocktail party and you think you’re doing comedy.”

In this vein I started contributing hundreds of surreal single panel jokes which I dubbed “Warts’n’All” to various magazines including Aussie Post, People, Woman’s Day and Punch UK.

In the 2000s I started thinking about the flying cars and domed cities on the moon we’d all been promised and came up with Space Capades, which ran in DMag and Mania magazines, as well as The Age newspaper.

As well as this, for thirteen seasons I wrote and illustrated a weekly column called “Dyer Tribe” about the trials of my non-performing Richmond Tigers for the Melbourne Times. In more recent years I have illustrated a number of children’s books, humor books, and even a cookbook with a legal bent for a gourmet lawyer (I’m not kidding.)